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What is RFID software?

RFID software or RFID middleware is the brain of the RFID chain, which converts the raw data sent by the RFID chip into understandable information. The RFID software should be used to: Process the information contained in the RFID chip, Integrate this information into the company database.

RFID: what is the use of the software?

Thanks to the RFID software, the movement of objects / people integrated with the RFID support can be obtained in real time or through daily updates. More precisely, a distinction can be made between the following different roles of the RFID software: Filter and verify the original information, Combine the data sent by the sensors, Transfer data to business applications, Management and monitoring system.

How to choose your RFID software?

RFID software offerings are diverse and there are many market players, so it seems difficult to make a choice at first glance. In order to facilitate this selection and get the right software for your RFID system, the following factors should be taken into account: Support various media, Meet EPC standard, Compatible with standards of other countries, The choice of small publishers which can bring competitive advantages due to differences in software functionality, RFID prices can be freely changed between market leaders and small publishers. Due to the complexity of the product and the specific application required, there are many other standards to consider as well, and only you can set these standards depending on the RFID software you want to use.

Location of assets and movements

There is a range of software solutions available to locate assets and record all of their movements, providing real-time information.

The information is transmitted to the RFID software by reading the tags by the readers of the system. This inventory monitoring software can be adapted to any business environment.

This connected platform for object traceability gives the user information such as the last place an object was moved or the area of the assembly line where it is located.

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