Voice over “VOIP”


Voice over IP, VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that makes it possible to send voice over the Internet. It is true that many companies have their offers, some may even seem free. Other solutions can make you believe in savings. We have the skills to help you decrypt these offers and even implement them.

The advantages conferred by Voip:

– Simplification of the administration.
– Unification of voice / internet messaging.
– Presence management.
–Call log.
– Teleconference.
– Computer Assisted Telephony (CAT).
– Reduction of communication costs.
– Reduced infrastructure costs

C2M system have real expertise in the integration of VOIP solution. As a professional equipment supplier and installer.

We support our customers in the implementation of efficient solutions. Why a service company and a VoIP operator? Computer science, and especially an excellent computer network are the prerequisites for the implementation of a successful VoIP project. C2M System brings its expertise in flow management and its knowledge of the needs of the integration of services in business. C2M System will also bring a very important value in terms of computer security so that your VoIP solution is not a breach in your computer network.

C2M system offers its infrastructure and expertise in voice communications management. These two skills are in our opinion essential for a successful VoIP project. VoIP can be integrated in a company of its smallest size: You are 3 people? Quickly you need the features of a switchboard. However, these, soon mammoths telephony, are very expensive. With C2M system and IP PBX solutions we can reduce infrastructure costs by 10 and communication costs can be counted in DH cents

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