Surveillance Camera in Morocco


Today, video surveillance in Morocco is no longer a device reserved for security companies. Everyone can at home, with some technical skills, install a surveillance camera. But how does this type of material work?

CCTV in Morocco

Two main types of surveillance cameras:

Analog cameras: these cameras are connected by a coaxial cable to a TV/monitor, where the images are displayed. They send continuous data streams (scanning) to a storage device (digital recorder).
IP cameras: IP cameras allow connection to a computer network (connected to the Internet) either by Ethernet cable or by WiFi (wireless). The filmed images can be recorded and viewed in real-time on a PC, or a smartphone via the Internet.

We are a video surveillance company with more than 10 years of experience in digital surveillance, IT, networks, and access control, we can install complete solutions of security systems and IP cameras for our customers.


We also offer free technical assistance as well as training on all of our products. State-of-the-art technology employing unlimited digital video surveillance image storage, watermark protection, and powerful remote viewing applications gives you the perfect foundation for all your security needs.

Our digital surveillance solutions are designed for a wide range of scenarios, including store, education, banking, gaming, government, health, hotel & leisure, and transportation.

Whatever the application, we have a solution for you. Intelligent Analytics video surveillance systems offering real-time alerts on video analysis of missing / suspicious objects, object counting, object tracking, and face detection.

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