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Evo3Bio Time Clock:

With the Evo3Bio, it is possible to directly enroll fingerprints on RFID badges. Thus, employees will first have to present their badges and then their fingers as requested by the CNIL. Evo3Bio uses all the basic functionalities of Evo3, however, this terminal is equipped with an additional reader for the capture and recognition of fingerprints. To score, simply place your finger on the fingerprint reader. The standard version of the terminal allows identifying an employee among 1500 nothing from his fingerprint. In option and for greater security of the personal data, it is possible to store the biometric data (models) in the RFID cards. In this way, the user will always have his personal biometric data in his possession, which can be used on any EVo3Biotrès easily.

Other features :

Up to 1500 fingerprints for 1-n comparison
Search for 1-n in less than 1 second
Comparison of 1-1 in less than 1 second
128 × 64 graphic display with backlight
Ports for external biometric reader
Internal Proximity Card Reader for RFID
Keyboard with 18 keys
2 connector for external drives and other accessories
Connecting to a programmable ring siren
Connection for activation of electronic lock
Wave or Beep sound with volume control
Capacity control
Database with usernames
Sending messages to users
Configurable screen with TimeDraw
Firmware update
Validation of minimum time between scores
Internal battery
Anti-theft device device
Plastic box of high resistance and self-sealing

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