G-Budget : Alkhadim

Alkhadim : G-Budget

Creating a budget


Alkhadim : budget management

It allows “budget management” in two parts expenses and receipts at the same time while controlling the IT procedures according to the official bulletin. The Integrated Management Software must meet the following expected objectives:


      • Ensure the optimal automation of the management of the concerned services of the Municipality.

      • Process the main business processes.

      • Provide functional and system traceability.

      • Better traceability of files.

      • Security and confidentiality of data.

      • the maximum generation of information.

      • the speed of entry.

      • Possible adaptations for all types of organizations of the municipality: current organization chart and evolution towards a new organization chart.

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        • Allow a user to display only their entered data.

        • Pilot dashboard with the use of performance indicators.

        • Multidimensional data analysis.

        • Bilingual: in French and/or Arabic for some screens and reports.

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          • Very powerful search engine to find the desired object using any information from the search list.

          • Powerful search function with any text or digital filters and multicriteria.

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